Alexis Croker-Benn

Alexis Croker-Benn is a first-generation Guyanese-American fashion designer from Long Island, New York. She completed her BFA in Fashion Design with a specialization in Sportswear at the Fashion Institute of Technology, Magna Cum Laude. She prides herself on her gregarious and warmhearted personality. She grew up with a multidisciplinary background in fine arts and science, but she always knew fashion was her calling. These influences are emulated throughout her design work and concepts.


Alexis enjoys using vibrant color palettes to evoke emotions in her designs. She takes pleasure in stepping out of the box when it comes to fabric manipulation. Eyelets and jump rings are her design signature, as it creates a floating effect. Many of her pieces incorporate these details. 


Her most recent collection focuses on strabismus, an eye condition she has faced all her life. As inspiration, she referenced the eye's anatomy and the beauty of the condition itself. Other people may view it as a "flaw," however, she reclaims this narrative and celebrates her strabismus for being something unique and special.


She studied at Polimoda through FIT's study abroad program in Florence, Italy. The following year, she continued her foreign studies in Italy, where she attended Politecnico di Milano. These cross-cultural experiences helped to shape the designer she is today. By being exposed to new surroundings and customs, she gained new perspectives, knowledge, and adaptability. Alexis is a "global citizen" in every sense of the word: socially conscious, empathetic, and she transcends borders, both figuratively and literally. 


Diversity, inclusion, sustainability, and ethical practices are vital aspects of Alexis's life and design approach. She would love to be a part of a company, brand, or group that shares these values.

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Fashion Institute of Technology, State University of New York 

BFA in Fashion Design | Magna Cum Laude| Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society | Dean's List | May 2021

AAS in Fashion Design | Cum Laude | Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society | Dean's List | May 2019


Politecnico di Milano 

 Study Abroad Program in Milan, Italy | August - December 2019



 Study Abroad Program in Florence, Italy | August - December 2018



Silver Metalist in Art: Fashion Design, Half Hollow Hills High School West

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